2 Day Jewelry Casting Class

Sign up for our 2-day Boot-camp Class! This is a 3 session class condensed into 2 days!! ONLY $350 – Next Class Date Is 4-30-16!!

Beginners will be provided with a free ounce of STERLING SILVER
Additional silver will be available for purchase at cost

You can make multiple designs in wax or use organic material for your casting!

DAY ONE: The first hour of class you will learn various wax carving and manipulation techniques. Then Scott, our instructor, works individually with each student to get them started based on their skill level. Beginners will learn how to form the wax for their piece. By the end of day one, the wax piece will be invested (a sacrificial mold will be made of the wax design). If you finish investing your piece before 8pm, you can leave early, of course.

DAY TWO: The mold will be ready for the casting process. The piece will be cast and the rest of this class session will be used for finishing and polishing.

All materials, equipment and tools (including a Flax-shaft) are provided in the classroom, as well as 1oz. of sterling silver for beginner students.

Class Location:
Classes will be held at 110 Troutman St. Near the corner of Central Ave and Troutman



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April 30th and June 1st: 12-8pm

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