The story behind Bushwick Jewelry Casting.

It begins…

After seeking access to a casting studio for a several years. To no avail was his search to find a studio that fit his needs. In January 2015 Scott decided to open his own studio, Where he could offer affordable classes and studio time to it’s patrons.

Students Attended
  • Wax Carving

  • After Quenching

  • Polishing

  • Sprue Removal

About the instructors.

Scott Alexander Fowler studied metalsmithing at The University of North Texas from 1993-1999. For the past several years, Scott has experimented with various techniques and materials to develop the craftsmanship necessary to create his unique designs. His pieces fuse modern clean lines with organic shapes and classic motifs. Known for unique stone settings, examples are included in “Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers” by Melissa Hunt. The majority of Scott Alexander’s works are commissioned.

Margaret Spring leads classes on 3D design software for castable wax and resin. Over the last several years, she’s been expanding her design, casting, and production skills and has launched M.Spring Studio which offers solid brass cast furniture hardware and a collection of jewelry made with cast metal, glass, and leather.

Scott’s Work has been published in.

“Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers” Master the art and craft of stonesetting Learn the most cutting-edge stonesetting techniques and treatments used by today’s contemporary jewelry makers. Clear step-by-step illustrations combined with concise instructions and practical advice make this book an invaluable reference for professional jewelry makers, students, and Etsy sellers. No other book currently available focuses on the use and application of ready-made settings, which are most commonly used by jewelers today. Stonesetting not only shows you how to use and incorporate these settings into existing designs but also teaches you how to make settings from scratch. Also included is an overview of tools and materials, accompanied by an in-depth guide to choosing and evaluating a variety of stones. The second part covers the range of settings available—from bezel to prong to snap settings—and uses step-by-step instructions explaining how to set cabochons, faceted stones, and other variants. A handy section in the back contains care, maintenance, and repair advice, plus a gallery of gorgeous finished pieces. Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers combines everything you need to know about this specialized craft all in one place, making this an indispensible reference for beginners and professionals alike.