located at 327 Irving Ave, Floor 1
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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    The Studio

    Can facilitate all of your casting needs from waxes, investing, casting finishing and polishing.

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    The Equipment

    3 kilns, soldering, casting and soldering torches, centrifugal and vacuum casting, investment vacuum, polishing lathes, flex shafts, rotary tumbler, mini lathe and more

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    The Tools

    Graph and Sketch paper, Drafting Pencils, Waxes, Wax Files, Sculpting Tools, Alcohol Lamps, Casting Flasks, Sprue, Caps, Scales, Investment (plaster), Investment Mixing Bowels, Dust MasksEye Protection, Shaft Bits, Metal Files, Sand Paper, Anvil, Assorted pliers, Metal Snips, Belt Sander, Grinder, Drill Press, Polishing Lathe, Polishing Compound, Borax, Sparex and More.

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