ABOUT USHow it all began

After seeking access to a casting studio for several years, Scott was unable to find a complete in-house casting studio that fit his needs. In January 2015, Scott decided to open his own studio, where he could offer affordable classes and studio time to its patrons.


INSTRUCTORScott Alexander Fowler


Scott Alexander Fowler studied metalsmithing at The University of North Texas from 1993-1999. For the past several years, Scott has experimented with various techniques and materials to develop the craftsmanship necessary to create his unique designs. His pieces fuse modern clean lines with organic shapes and classic motifs. Known for unique stone settings, examples are included in “Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers” by Melissa Hunt.


“Lost wax jewelry casting class was great! Scott is so friendly and makes everything less intimidating.”

Oya Kosebay

“Scott is an absolute star! I loved his one on one attention and felt like he went the extra mile to help everyone create their pieces.”

Vien Le Wood

“This was a wonderful class. The instructor is great and helps as much as you need it. I’m looking forward to taking another one of Scott’s classes. I’m hooked.”

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Monday – Friday 7pm – 10pm | Saturday 1pm – 4pm | Sunday Closed