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Class Description

Learn the age old technique of lost wax carving – a fascinating way of making silver and gold jewelry by carving jewelry out of wax, then creating a mold of the wax, melting the wax and pouring molten silver or gold in to make a solid silver version of your wax mold. A great class for anyone interested in making jewelry or small sculpture.

In the class, all students will learn to carve and shape the wax into different shapes and design whole pieces of jewelry in wax. Students will be able to work on their design throughout the course as well as learning the techniques.

The 3 week course enrollment fee is $300 which includes:  All materials, equipment and tools are provided in the classroom, as well as 1oz. of sterling silver.  Classes are held once a week for 3 or 4 consecutive weeks from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.  Each class consist of up to 4 students and one instructor.


Lost Wax Carving

Lost wax casting starts with a wax model and ends with a finished piece of jewelry. This process is probably the closest thing to “instant gratification” that you can get in jewelry.

Hand Carving or constructing a Wax Model
  • Design your piece
  • Creat your wax model
  • Refine wax model

Spruing Your Wax

To create a path for molten metal to flow into your mold, jewelers add sprues to wax models. A sprue is simply a stick of wax with a lower melting point than the carving material.

Spruing Your Wax Design
  • Fuse sprue to wax model
  • Weigh sprued wax model
  • Attach sprue to a rubber sprue base


Investing your wax

You will place your model in a metal tubular flask and fill it with investment, a product that is similar to plaster of Paris. You will carefully measure water and weigh investment powder then thoroughly combine them in a rubber mixing bowl.

The investing Process
  • Attach flask to sprue base
  • Measure water and weigh investment
  • Pour investment into the flask
As If you weren’t having fun already Now the real fun begins

Casting Your Piece

To cast your piece, the flask needs to be hot. So immediately before casting, We will pull the flask out of a 1000 °F kiln. The kiln is incredibly hot, like “lake of fire” hot. We will be wearing a leather apron and gloves during this part of the process.

centrifugal casting

We load the flask into a centrifugal casting machine and light an acetylene torch. Next we pour metal beads into a preheated ceramic crucible.   You will keep the flame directly over the metal as much as possible. Once the silver beads have melted into a pool, you lift the flame. We pull the pin on the centrifugal casting machine which then spins extremely fast, forcing the metal into the flask.


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Class Overview

Week One Class

Designing and creating your wax model

  • Overview of lost wax casting process
  • Familiarization of tools and materials
  • Design and wax model techniques
  • Begin project design and wax model

Week Two Class

Investing your wax

  • Finishing process and techniques
  • Work on wax mold
  • Weigh wax and metal
  • Pour investment into mold
  • Load kiln

Week Three Class

Casting and Finishing

  • Cast project
  • Review finishing process & technique
  • Finish & polish project

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