Join Scott Alexander Fowler March 22nd, in a 4 week Jewelry Casting Level One Class

Learn the age old technique of lost wax carving – a fascinating way of making silver and gold jewelry by carving jewelry out of wax, then creating a mold of the wax, melting the wax and pouring molten silver or gold in to make a solid silver version of your wax mold. A great class for anyone interested in making jewelry or small sculpture.

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In the class, all students will learn to carve and shape the wax into different shapes and design whole pieces of jewelry in wax. Students will be able to work on their design throughout the course as well as learning the techniques.

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The 4 week course enrollment fee is $350 which includes:  All materials, equipment and tools are provided in the classroom, as well as 1oz. of sterling silver.  Classes are held once a week for 4 or 4 consecutive weeks from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.  Each class consist of up to 4 students and one instructor.

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For more information on the course click the link below.

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